The world of design is such an exciting and important place. Design touches our lives everywhere; it’s all around us, from our architecture, our cars and our clothing to our infrastructure and, of course, our furniture and furnishings. These are just some of the diverse areas of design.

Image: Corporate Culture

Designing requires consideration of the aesthetic, functional, economical and socio-political dimensions of the process and the resulting entity. It involves considerable thought, research, planning, modelling, revision, and often re-design before a final outcome is reached.

In the current issue of Luxury Home Design (volume 14 number 4) we lead you on a journey of design discovery, introducing you to many of Australia’s talented designers, taking you inside their world to find out who they are, what they do and how they work.

Image: Kelly Hoppen’s London home. Photography: Mel Yates

We visit design hubs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and enter some of the beautiful homes that the designers have created. We also visit the London home of renowned British interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, whose signature style has become a benchmark for design excellence.

Our featured houses and apartments are an outstanding selection including modernist design, classic beauty and contemporary splendour. Each home is a unique reflection of its inhabitants, created for comfort and sanctuary with the environment very much in mind. And Steve Freeth explains the finer points of the “smart” home, illustrating how technology is changing the way we live — while two exceptional case studies reveal the smart home in action.

Image: Project by Graham Jones Design. Photography: Chris Groenhout

We have selected an inspiring variety of glamorous and elegant, modern and practical, environmentally friendly and just gorgeous furniture and furnishings to temp you. And our comprehensive kitchen and bathroom feature covers everything from the latest fabulous appliances to finishes, lighting, gadgets and space-saving solutions.

It’s a wonderful voyage of discovery and enlightenment and one I truly hope you enjoy.

Kate St James, FDIA

Managing Editor