Sustainable House Day 2011


By: Johanna Grahn

With the world’s resources running out, sustainability is more important than ever. The three words of artist and surfer Jack Johnson come to mind, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. That’s what it’s all about really, reducing our waste and making use of what we have. In the housing sector the three words “Sustainable House Day” spread the message, and they are inspiring many Australians to follow the environmentally friendly path when building or renovating their homes.


For 10 years the event has showcased some of Australia’s most sustainable homes, and by doing so it has given ideas and tips to people on how to incorporate solar, ventilation, water harvesting, recycling, shading, thermal mass (materials that absorb and release heat), and glazing and window treatments into their homes.

This year the Sustainable House Day takes place on Sunday September 11 between 10am-4pm. Over 300 homes throughout the country will be open for inspection, so that visitors can experience hands-on the difference it makes when using sustainable products. Many of the homes will have architects, builders, and specialist service providers on site to answer questions and give advice, so make sure to put the date in your calendar. Remember, taking aboard some of the concepts of sustainable living is economically and environmentally friendly. In other words, it is all good!

Check out this link to find an open house near you: http://www.sustainablehouseday.com/house-locations.php