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If you love the pomp and flair of French provincial home design, then prepare to be inspired by the fantastical furniture creations of Seoul-born artist Lila Jang.

Jang designed her range while living in a tiny apartment in Paris and the only way she could fit her pieces of furniture in the space was to bend and deform them.

Jang’s collection sees tables, chairs, desks, and stools personified as playfully exaggerated and voluminous forms. Cast in a palette of creams and white, they are fantasy home furnishings. They move beyond practical items and into the realm of art, yet do so without completely disconnecting from their original, more functional intent.

“My work represents who and where we are as human beings: in the midpoint of that constant struggle between reality and the ideal,” says Jang.

For furniture that inspires wonder and bewilderment in equal measure – voila!

chair_2chairdouble chairsstooljangtable

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