Living the high life: How to have a pool on a steep block


Built on an extremely steep and rocky site, this pool is a design triumph, maximising both a limited space and elevated views

Living on an extremely steep block, the owners of this home initially thought a pool was out of the question. That is, until they saw potential in the elevated area of their front yard. Presented with the challenging task of creating a raised pool, Urban Escape set to work. It needed to be visually discreet and appealing from the street below, but aesthetically striking from the home.

This contemporary pool does just that.

Its unique shape moulds with the home and the terrain in a curved fashion, allowing swimmers to make the most of their bird’s-eye view of the street below. The design means swimmers remain hidden to onlookers— but with the option of peering over the edge at any time.

Given the lack of space, a small but versatile paved area surrounds the pool. This provides an area for bathers to lounge and relax. A second tier of outdoor living space has been added on the balcony above. This upper level is equipped with a barbecue and outdoor setting, so the homeowners to entertain their guests and use the pool on both levels simultaneously.

Building this pool was a welcome challenge for Urban Escape.

The company organised rock excavation, underpinning of the house and pool peering. In addition to this, due to the pool’s unconventional position, all services to the house needed to be redirected and machinery and materials craned in.

Urban Escape was also responsible for the landscaping of this raised oasis.

Golden cane palms, agave and gymea lilies transform the area with foliage and colour. Smaller plants such as chalk sticks, rhaphiolepsis and lomandras blend areas. Frangipanis, planted beyond the pool edge, are stunning in their height and beautiful scent. In time the frangipanis will grow to create a beautiful visual from the poolside areas. Dropping the occasional flower into the pool, they give a resort-style feel.
Effective and stunning mood lighting creates a romantic outdoor ambience, while highlighting the pool, sandstone steps and the trees.
This project shows how employing one company to organise and construct both the pool and landscaping can provide flow to a challenging project. The result is a flawlessly finished product.

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Originally from Poolside Showcase magazine, Volume 20

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