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Hit the ground running
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Need new flooring but are unsure where to start? We’ve got the tips you need to make the perfect choice.

As Australians tend to stay in their homes for longer and longer, flooring choice has increased in its level of importance in the overall design of a home. Nowadays, we want to make design decisions we will be happy with long-term, not just short-term.  Flooring options for the home are endless and can admittedly be overwhelming. We take a look at the most popular options for 2015 and explore what’s trending coming into the New Year.


Carpet flooring exudes comfort and familiarity, often satisfying human senses and ushering warmth into a space. In 2015, carpet flooring is making a return to an organic, rustic look inspired by human’s increasing need to connect with the world outside. Neutral colours, particularly grey and taupe remain popular colour schemes, acting as an ideal base for home styling while also allowing for hidden wear and tear in high traffic rooms. Green hues also feature in the 2015 colour palette, inspiring sentiments of growth and renewal. Patterns, lush textures and bright colours are making a resurgence, their usage as a flooring option encouraged in smaller, low-traffic spaces like bedrooms. Intertwining two colour tones into a carpet is also popular, adding visual depth and allowing for flexibility in design choices.

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Image source: www.insideout.com.au


Timber remains a popular choice in home flooring, partly due to the fact it is a known renewable resource and is a well performing environmental building material. As current home design trends include a lean towards the use of more primitive materials, timber triumphs as a stylish and timeless choice in flooring. Durable and easily resurfaced, timber is a practical resource for busy homes and is easy to maintain. The variety in timber shades available mean it is now easy to individualise your home and ensure, through the use of patterns, your home is as customized as you wish. While timber flooring is timeless, some popular trends for 2015 include white oak, deep-smoked engineered hardwood and grey plank flooring.

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Image source: www.styleathome.com


Tile flooring is making a comeback in the interior design world. As designer trends become more widely available, there are now plenty of stylish options for the average home. With an abundance of variety in terms of shape and size, anything is now possible when it comes to tile flooring design. In the current design climate, it’s all about large tiles in neutral tones, maximizing the appearance of space and allowing for evolving personalization through colour as trends change. ‘Mimic tiles’ are increasing in popularity, with on trend looks such as timber, natural stone and polished concrete now available in tile form, making achieving your desired look less expensive and often easier to maintain. When choosing tiles, remember to consider their location within the home and what sort of wear and tear they’ll be privy to.


Image source: www.houzz.com


Words: Jacinta Newbold

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