Lets get Technical!

Let’s get Technical!


Learn about the finest new gadgets and inventions to smarten up your home.

Modern Homes 

Smartening up your residence is more than just purchasing the latest in home technology. It’s about embracing the entire culture and epidemic of seamless home functionality. Stepping forward and taking your sanctuary to the next level is the future of luxury living. Revel in the unbelievable options the industry has to offer and ensure you select the best-fitting gadgets and features to suit your lifestyle. Researching and educating yourself is the key to the smart homes market, so read on to find out more.

Designer technology
Magnified by the smart and aerial design by Philippe Starck and state-of-the-art technology, the Zikmu from Parrot takes you to another dimension. The vibrant collection offers 360-degree immersive, crystal-clear sound thanks to the NXT technology and very specific control of all electrodynamic elements via a system of DSP processing and amplifiers. The Parrot Zikmu by Starck is available from Space Furniture. For more information, visit www.parrot.com   

When technology excels
BeoSound 5 Encore is a versatile yet extremely simple music system that gives you the possibility to explore the world of music both via Internet-based radio stations and music content from your music library. Encore is extremely elegant and represents a unique mixture of mechanical tactile elements and a strong graphical expression to delight the user by conveniently presenting a rich choice of content. It is an extension of the well-known expression introduced with the original BeoSound 5 concept. BeoSound 5 Encore is available now from all Australian Bang & Olufsen stores. For more information, visit www.bang-olufsen.com

Sound phenomenon
From time to time we see a radically different style of sound system, such as the Elipson’s Music Centre and spherical Planet L speakers. What makes it more exceptional is that it caters for all the modern sources of music, sounds fantastic and costs a lot less than other style-house brands. The console contains the amplifier and has FM, DAB+ radio and CD player. There are additional inputs on the back panel, and a dongle enables wireless connection of your iPhone or iPod for playback of music. The Planet L speakers pack plenty of punch along with lots of fine detail, and can be put on a table or benchtop, on optional floor stands, mounted to the wall, or hung from the ceiling. Colours available are black, red or white. For more information, contact Len Wallis Audio on 02 9427 6755 or visit www.lenwallisaudio.com  

Listen up
KEF has announced the introduction of the KEF Blade, an engineering tour de force and the result of five years’ exhaustive testing, expert analysis and intricate experimentation by the UK-based research and development team. At the heart of the KEF Blade is its Single Apparent Source technology, designed to produce sound from a single point in space and time for the highest-quality sound reproduction. Designed in New York by Eric Chan and inspired by Brancusi’s “Bird in Space”, the KEF Blade is not only acoustically perfect, but aesthetically beautiful. The KEF Blade has set a new benchmark in loudspeaker design. For more information, contact Advance Audio Australia on 02 9561 0799 or visit www.advanceaudio.com.au