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Things to consider when incorporating a pool in your backyard design.

Due to the sheer size and volume of the average Australian swimming pool, it stands to reason that it will almost always become the centrepiece of your outdoor space. So whether you already have a pool or you’re thinking about incorporating one in your backyard design, there are two main considerations to think about: theme and functionality.


The theme of your outdoor pool space will play a significant role in the overall appearance of your backyard.


While the appearance of your pool will entice you to use it and enhance your experience of it, it’s the functionality that will keep you coming back time and again. 

There are so many little details to consider when you are incorporating a pool into an outdoor living area. Given the possibilities for details like lighting and water features, are endless, it would hardly be surprising if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Try simplifying the process by imagining your ideal space. Think about what you want and what will work in your outdoor area. Be creative, but remember, the space will need to be both functionally and aesthetically pleasing in order for you to get the most enjoyment out of it.

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