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Pink is my second favourite colour (after red!) so when I found this house I was inspired. The house is the residence of architect Simone Micheli and family, located in beautiful part of Florence, Italy. It is not only an amazing design it shows how the architect has created a living space to reflect her passion for “ethical luxury”.

Architect Simone Micheli said “the new luxury does not mean immobility or habit, but rather freedom and movement. It is a light and stirring thought, at any moment we are able to choose where and how to live and to reinvent the environment we live in. As for architecture the new luxury is related to the idea of regaining the beauties and the truth of our daily life together with our inner feelings”.

Whatever you may think of the pink house, you’d have to agree that the philosopy of ethical luxury is one that should be incorporated into every project.

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Photography by Juergen Eheim

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