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It’s Sunday afternoon, the in-laws are coming for a BBQ next week, and you’ve just noticed a bunch of bugs chewing on your expensive colour border. It will be next Saturday before you can get to the garden centre, what can you do?  Long- time Radio host Graeme Ross has created a subscription garden clinic for new gardeners who need advice in real time.

The service is like a companion for your journey with your new garden – you can opt in and out, or take it a year at a time, and you’ll have direct access to the gardening experts that do the research that you hear on radio.

Nobody likes to feel like a total beginner, but if you have a horticulturalist that you can ring 7 days a week and literally ask ANY question, then you learn quickly and get good advice without having to trawl through dozens of web pages to find the right thing.  The horticulturalists at the Garden Clinic are based in Australia and familiar with our climatic zones, so their advice is of direct relevance to Australian garden conditions.  There is little point using overseas advice as often the products referenced are not available here, or the plant just behaves differently in Australian soils.

Getting the right advice when you need it is critical for anyone establishing a new garden.  If you’ve made an investment in landscaping, you want your new plants to thrive and create that lush look as quickly as possible.  If you’ve established a veggie garden, then you need access to advice for different plants at different times of year.  The Garden Clinic will make sure you don’t miss any important planting or process that has to happen for you to be harvesting spectacular crops.

The Garden Clinic has been created by Graeme Ross from Better Homes & Gardens TV and Radio 2GB & 4BC.  Graeme has been providing garden advice for 35 years and with a team of horticulturalists has developed as a platform to serve this information real time to the community.  The garden advice subscription service is run off the website, which also offers videos, an archive of articles, and many other benefits.

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