River Built's Premium Manufacturing Methods

River Built's Premium Manufacturing Methods
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A Riverbuilt Transportable Home is built altogether differently from typical transportable manufacturing methods

Manufacturing methods and process in Transportable Homes by River Built


Higher Quality Inclusions.

We fit our homes out the best way…not the cheapest. We build them how we would like to live in them ourselves!


Australia’s most advanced delivery system.

Your home is delivered using possibly the most sophisticated and advanced equipment available in Australia. Normally Hydraulic trailers are used, which ride lower to the ground, and can be raised as needed to lift the house for access through gates etc. This professional system allows us to deliver to areas most people couldn’t venture, and for your home to be delivered quickly, efficiently and damage free.


Best Value Transportable Home – guaranteed!

Can we produce a home of this quality and standard at the cheapest price in the market place? Can you buy a premium German car for the price of an Asian car?  … Of course not!  Our homes are not the cheapest…that was never our aim, but what we can promise you is that you will be surprised how little premium you have to pay to have the best quality transportable home available in Australia.


For Further Information

Please view our full range and comprehensive inclusions list on www.riverbuilt.com.au or phone the Bell River Group on 1800 200888

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