Smart solar energy

Smart solar energy
Smart solar energy
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Save money while the sun shines with the Solar Shop.

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There is an increasing number of savvy homeowners who are finding their new grid-connect solar system is doing more than helping fight climate change.

Grid-connect solar systems are saving homeowners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to offset their electricity use. As the sun shines, the house first draws electricity from the panels and then feeds any excess back into the grid.

Solar Shop Australia’s managing director, Adrian Ferraretto, says now is the right time to look into solar energy. “With the current $8000 federal government rebate about to change, homeowners should look into ordering a system soon to ensure they don’t miss out,” said Ferraretto.

Solar Shop Australia designs and installs grid connect systems to suit individual energy and budget requirements, with 90 per cent of customers choosing the superior Japanese-made Kaneka panels, which are ideal performers in the Australian climate. Kaneka panels are shade and heat tolerant, frost does not bother them, and they come with a performance guarantee of 25 years and a life expectancy of at least the same.

As a national company, Solar Shop Australia delivers specialist local knowledge and support right across Australia and has been “solarising Australia” since 1999. Staff include qualified engineers with experience in renewable energy design and installation, and all work and materials are guaranteed in writing.

Solar Shop Australia is the only renewable energy solutions provider endorsed by Planet Ark.

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