So, what’s in it for Blum?


The tour that I’m on with Blum is just one of many that are held throughout the year and includes kitchen and interior designers from around the world. I asked Australian Business Development Manager, Ron Redman, what value Blum sees in these tours, particularly given that they represent a massive investment of time, effort and money for the company.

“It’s all about the relationship with the customer,” he told me. “The better understanding our customers have about Blum and what we are trying to do, the better relationship we have with them. The company is extremely proud of our products, processes and services and we want to communicate that”.

Ron firmly believes that a better understanding of Blum products, particularly the Dynamic Space concept, serves the designer or reseller extremely well. If they can speak with confidence about the product, this is a great sales tool to show the homeowner the extent of their product knowledge and the concept of functionality.

This week, to co-incide with Eurocucina, Blum will be hosting more than 700 people from around the world with most staying for 2-3 days in Austria and enjoying the hospitality on offer.

Although I am not a designer, I can appreciate the professionalism that this company exhibits and it’s a real treat for me to be able to understand the “back end” of this company, not just focus on the products and what they do.