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A shade to protect you outdoor space


Contemporary shade for a traditional outdoor setting

Creating a usable outdoor dining space is high up on the list of improvements for many homeowners, where our love of the outdoors and food can be brought together with friends and family. This is where a shade come into the picture.

The owners of this lovely period home in the Adelaide suburb of Walkerville have done just that by constructing a traditional style timber pergola over a paved terrace. Being separate from the house and at the heart of the garden, the alfresco forms a functional focal point to the well-kept grounds and is the ideal setting for outdoor entertaining. The pergola is complemented by the addition of this stunning and functional Shaderunner Retractable sail System by Shadeform.

The right shade for every Australian

The Shaderunner was manufactured from Outlook Design ‘Zebra’ fabric, which perfectly complements the colourway used for the pergola and house veranda, providing contemporary shade for a traditional home. The owners elected to have the manually operated system, which features an easy to use continuous looped cord system with tie off horn cleat. Available with either manual or motorised operation, the Shaderunner can be supported by a number of structural systems from an existing or purpose-built pergola such as this, or between walls, fascias or on support posts.

The Shaderunner Retractable Sail provides the ultimate convenience for enjoying outdoor spaces in the Australian climate. Controllable shade enables the user to manipulate the amount of shading required. During summer the Shaderunner can be fully extended to provide maximum shade, UV protection and thermal comfort on demand. In the cooler months the system can be retracted back, enabling winter sun to be maximised making the most of the available light and consequent solar gains. The Shaderunner is a smart choice for this alfresco, and the result is a well-designed and stylish entertaining space, with practical and controllable shade that will provide years of enjoyment for the homeowners and their guests.

Considering your outdoor space

The Shaderunner Retractable Sail System is ideally suited for a range of applications around the home, from outdoor entertaining spaces and patios to swimming pools and courtyards. With a wide range of fabrics and colour options available, the Shaderunner complements all architectural styles, from contemporary suburban homes to traditional country residences. The unique qualities of the Shaderunner enable it to be utilised for a multitude of applications, from the smallest domestic setting right up to large span commercial projects, such as aquatic parks and hotels.

So when designing an outdoor area, entertaining space or swimming pool, practical shading should be at the forefront of the design process. A well designed space should consider shading, and in particular retractable shading. The combined effect of reducing the impact of the sun during the summer and making the most of available light and warmth in the winter not only enables greater usage of outdoor spaces but can also aid with passive solar design strategies.

The Shaderunner  is manufactured from a range of rigorously tested fabrics, from 95% Polyester Mesh to Waterproof PVC. Each fabric is mould resistant and offers protection from glare and the sun’s harmful rays, with a wide range of colours available. Constructed using only the most durable marine grade yacht fittings and Ronstan ball bearing pulleys, the Shaderunner Retractable Sail provides years of trouble-free shading with minimal maintenance.

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