Day Two

Day Two
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After an exhausting day yesterday, it was nice to have a slower pace today. This morning we visited Plant 7 which houses the main logistics and shipping centre as well as the most amazing automatic warehousing system I have ever seen. To be fair, I haven’t seen that many warehouses in operation but the pure scope of this operation has to be seen to be believed.

A massive central warehouse sits here and is completely run by technology. Pallets upon pallets of products are sorted, collected, distributed, packed and sent all around the world. The computer even is in charge of working out which products are used the most often and placing these products in the most relevant and easy-to-reach spots!

Afterwards, we visited the Blum Dynamic Space showroom in Dornbirn. This is a consumer space, where homeowners or kitchen designers can come and experience the Dynamic Space concept in a very real environment. In addition to a number of kitchen set-ups to display the Dynamic Space concept, Blum has kitted out the showroom with moveable pieces so that homeowners can put together the kitchen that has been designed for them and see, in a very real situation, how well the kitchen will work. The drawers are filled with items so the homeowner can “make” dinner and see how easy it is to access certain items and determine if any sections or areas need to be relocated. What a great idea!

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