Stunning Fire Pits by Tavoli Design


Throughout my adolescence the chill of many winter nights were spent roasting s’mores over an open fire in the backyard. The crackling flames flickering towards the night sky, hands stretched outwards, embracing the warmth that only a genuine fire can provide. In those long gone days, perched upon empty milk crates and old park benches, the barrel of a broken washing machine made the perfect fire pit. However a sense of style and sophistication has developed since those days rendering this an unsuitable option.

Fortunately, Tavoli Designs have the answer with a range of beautifully designed pits to suit any taste. With a standard range and a custom design service the possibilities are endless. Unlike my unfortunate parents, there is no need to sacrifice your backyard’s stunning visual appeal with a molten, ash-filled, metal lump.

A Tavoli Design fire pit can improve the aesthetics of your backyard, or even become a stunning focal point. Enjoy the crackling sound and immense heat that only an authentic fire can give you.

In recent years fire pits have become very popular on patios, porches, and backyards, as more and more people enjoy the warmth that a fire pit provides. These superbly crafted fire pits are the perfect solution to make the most of your painstakingly landscaped backyard (without the risk of hypothermia.)

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