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Custom built to include a pool, spa and water feature all in one


An all-in-one circular-style pool/spa and water feature, set in tranquil surrounds in the Melbourne suburbs

Positioned in the corner of a backyard in Melbourne’s Balwyn North, this 35m-diameter pool/spa is a complete circle, with a negative edge flowing to an overflow tank. Far from your standard rectangular design, the custom built pool has a stunning fully tiled Ezarri mosaic external wall and has been cleverly designed, along with the overflow tank and landscaping.

“This pool is visually appealing and tranquil within its surrounds,” says Adam Moore of Swimmore Pools, who built the pool for homeowner Elton. “It is a pool, spa and spectacular garden/water feature all in one, tiled in quality European glass mosaics and with a beautiful overflow wall.” In addition, the timber decking, bluestone coping, stacked stone walls and glass fencing complement the sophisticated space.

The custom built design also considers the environment, as the variable-speed filter pump reduces energy consumption by up to 90 per cent compared to a single-speed filter pump, and hence reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Adam Moore founded Swimmore Pools five years ago. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Adam has been operating his own pool plumbing business for most of this time. Swimmore Pools constructs approximately 30 pools per year in all areas of Melbourne and the metropolitan area and on occasion works in country regions of Victoria.

All of Swimmore’s pools are custom built to the client’s requirements. Adam is a hands-on builder in all areas of the project, still working on the tools and ensuring everything is spot on.
“We meet with our clients to find out their needs, timeframe and budget,” says Adam. “We then look for the best solution or design to meet their objectives. If they are comfortable with us and the solution we are providing, we look forward to the process of engineering their pool and working with them, bringing their dream to reality.”

Swimmore Pools is a licensed Paramount in-floor cleaning system dealer and has extensive knowledge and experience with hydraulics, cleaning systems and equipment, ensuring that everything meets requirements.

The company is a member of Master Builders Victoria.


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