Why choose a container garden?


Do you have a small garden? If you do, don’t despair that you will never have the space to cultivate and grow your very own beautiful garden. The good news is, container gardens are great way to allow you to embrace plant life in even the smallest spaces.

Container gardens are versatile and functional. Find out why –

– Container gardens are ideal for smaller gardens. They also require less maintenance. However, they still do require some form of attention. Regular watering is essential. In general, indoor plants and small containers need less water than larger plants.

– Be water wise and minimise water evaporation from your container garden by using premium quality potting mixes.

– Some plants that are difficult to grow or are short-lived in the garden may do better in pots where greater attention can be paid to specific requirements. E.g. drainage.

– Some garden plants such as gardenia will flower for longer in a pot place in the right position in the garden, such as gardenias.

– Container gardens and pots can be used inside the home or in the garden. They can be classic or add a contemporary look.

– When choosing pots for your garden opt for different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. You may prefer a Grecian style urn or rectangular stainless steel planters for a more contemporary look. There are a variety of materials to also choose from including cast and dry pack concrete, terrazoo, GRC (glass reinforced concrete), stone, plastic, ceramic and metal

– Larger pots need to be made of solid material that will be strong enough to cope with the soil contracting and expanding at the root growth of the plant.

– Plastic pots are beneficial for moving around the garden

– Give old pots a new lease on life. Get creative with the kids and give them a new paint job or use old tiles to create a mosaic pattern.