The Joy of Art

The Joy of Art
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Art beneath your feetBy Maddie Rosenthal

“Joy is what I want to bring to people through my paintings; joy through the choice of colours, the theme, the life and movement I bring to the canvas with each stroke of my palette knife,” says Christine Drummond as she reflects on her life mission to provide happiness through vibrancy and dimension.

Her expertise rests with the manipulation of impasto oils on canvas. Through beautiful colours and clever application, she creates an intensity that leaks from her portraits. Her works give off a joie de vivre and electricity created by the appearance of movement to evoke the essence of Brazilian life and culture.

Earlier this year, she brought her dazzling pieces to Australian soil with her exclusive exhibition at the Butler Goode Gallery located in Sydney’s trendy inner-city. The collaboration between Christine and the gallery was not by chance. Gallery director Katy Richfield-Goode came across Christine’s fabulous “Rio Carnival in Movement and Colour” exhibition at the Florence Biennale Art Fair in 2009. Katy was captivated from first sight and less than two years later the Butler Goode Gallery was expertly showcasing the energetic collection.

“Christine’s innovative technique of layering paints with palette knives beautifully captures the vibrancy of her homeland with wonderful depth and expression. Her artwork is so joyous, celebratory and uplifting. When I admire her paintings I feel invigorated,” Katy reflects.

The exhibition was an absolute hit right from its opening night. The premiere at Butler Goode was a flurry of colours, people, delicious Brazilian hors d’œuvre and spirited samba dancers for entertainment. The warm March evening was the perfect Australian debut for Christine’s admired works.

Her experimentation with shades, tones, texture and imagery will continue to set Christine apart from all others within the artistic scene. She is the ideal advocate for Gotthold E. Lessing’s words of wisdom, “The ultimate goal of art is joy.”

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