Trend alert – Industrial style


Many might think industrial style is something that would be strictly relegated to a factory or warehouse. However, more people are embracing this eclectic and unique style which emphasises practicality in its reuse and reinvention of pieces. When it comes to industrial style think exposed interiors, sharp lines and contrasting textures. It draws heavily on integrating pieces that serve a purpose and can be used again and again such as large pendant lights, watering cans or filing cabinets and then contrasting by adding some contemporary flair.

So how to achieve the look? The trick is not to overdo it. The key is to first, plan a room then go looking for a specific piece. Start small with a few striking pieces that will make a statement. Overdoing the look can make a room look run-down, so start with one of the focal pieces and then think how you can enhance it or counter it. Create a sense of balance and ensure your pieces are not completely out of proportion with the room.

Remember to think about contrasting. Vibrant colours create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing contrast against the sometimes harsh metal and rust of industrial items.

The great thing about industrial style is that it allows for creativity and uniqueness. Have a think now about the all potential items you have in the home or garden. It might be an old lighting fixture or dining chair which could be reused and reinvented. It’s really a matter of looking at piece you have and giving them a new lease on life. Scratched or rusted items might in other cases be devalued, however this is embraced in industrial style. It also allows for personality and a certain quirkiness to shine through. Think exposed elements whether it be rope, bricks or cords.