Waterside opulence

Waterside opulence
Waterside opulence
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Built for an Australian musician, this extravagant home caters to the entertainer in all of us.

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The owners’ great pleasure in music and entertaining led to many of the material, scale and orientation selections in this generous Queensland home. Enjoying an opulent lifestyle, the owners wanted to be able to share their hospitality with family and friends. A prime location along a Queensland waterway was the inspiration behind the expansive living space at the back of the home and prompted the installation of floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the scenery. The architectural masterpiece is without doubt the two-storey curving wall with panelled windows that frame the contour of the swimming pool.

It makes a bold statement about the home’s aquatic focus, and from the interior, the double-height void which surrounds the windows only heightens its impact. A spectacular spiral lighting arrangement is suspended gracefully in this space and provides interest and ambience once the sun goes down — and at the flick of a switch, the lights can also be lowered almost to floor level. The spacious kitchen and open-plan living area are the ideal entertaining space. Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and huge preparation bench, the kitchen can accommodate even the most extravagant banquet, while its connection with the rest of the living and dining zone means the host can stay involved in the sense of occasion.

As the owners often have visiting friends and family from overseas, it is also important that their guests can feel at home. A guest suite on the ground floor can be accessed through a separate entrance for privacy, but also links directly with the family living zone to ensure a comfortable stay. Other features of the home include the ground-floor study, complete with an impressive private library. And the man of the house is a talented musician who has performed with several high-profile visiting overseas entertainers. Not surprisingly, he appreciates quality music and film, hence the large ground-floor media room was borne. A dark and masculine aesthetic was applied to this room, with chocolate walls and sumptuous recliners, while a BOSE surround system and large wall screen deliver high-quality sound and visuals from the home’s integrated computercontrolled background music system. As you climb the stairs, the tone of the home is dramatically changed. A retreat from the open and social areas of the ground floor, upstairs is the private realm, where family members can enjoy time alone. The master bedroom is grand in size, a half-height curved wall embracing the spacious ensuite. “The bedroom’s private balcony,” the owners say, “is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet cocktail while appreciating magnificent sunsets.”

The home’s northerly aspect, with floor-toroofline windows and doors, invites a flood of natural light and fresh air into the home. This complements and enhances the owners’ lifestyle and embraces the unique aspects of the Gold Coast’s appealing year-round climate. Sliding glass doors allow the home to breathe naturally, while tinted glass walls, adjustable sliding louvres and tiled flooring assist in keeping the home cooler in summer. In winter, when the sun is lower, these areas act as a heat sink to absorb the sun’s warmth during the day and radiate this warmth during the evenings. The home functions extremely well, with clearly separated zones — for work, rest and play. 

Spacious utility areas, combined with cleverly disguised yet abundant storage, make for a seamless and practical residence.

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