10 Insta-Famous Pools That Could Be Yours


Did you know that according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, an astonishing $11.82 billion worth of renovation approvals was given across our country over the 12 months to October 2021?

In fact, renovation approvals in NSW that same month totalled $335,684 million and according to experts, this is set to continue throughout 2022 as property prices continue to climb and homeowners decide to use some of their extra equity to finance improvements. 

Whilst most Australians want a new kitchen, we’re seeing coming a close second is actually a new pool. Aussies are making an investment in their backyards by using money previously set aside for overseas travel.

So are you one of those who are thinking of creating your own show-stopping backyard?

Today is your lucky day. 

Because right here right now, we’re going to devote a spotlight to 10 of the world’s most amaaazing pools that you can re-create (and it’s waaay easier than you think!)

From Moroccan plunge pools, OTT Vegas glamour pools, infinity pools and so much more, there’s a lot you can do to transform your backyard from simple to breathtaking. 

But it’s not just the pool that creates that stunning aura – it’s also what you put around it. Landscaping, water features, furniture, built-in lounges (you can create a lounge within your pool…epic!), greenery and vibrant colour schemes can all completely change your world.

Inside, you’re in Australia, but step outside and OMG! 😮 It’s as though you’ve been magically transported to a luxury resort in Bali, Las Vegas or LA!

So why should you listen to us?

Well, we’ve been addicted to IG for about 11 years now and not to mention, we were truly humbled to be part of Australian Financial Review’s prestigious Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2021. So we think it’s safe to say that we’ve nailed how to track down pool inspo at the very least 😉

1…2…3…Let’s start!

Source: @theraleighhotel
Source: @theraleighhotel


  1. All the curves

Love this curvy beauty from The Raleigh Hotel at Miami Beach? Ask the Blue Haven team to take the straight lines out of your pool design, with a dark border to really make it pop! The curved pool is an uncommon pool design that can effortlessly evoke a unique and sultry vibe.

Blue Haven Innovative Pools
Source: @yardzen
  1. Blooming gorgeous!

Colour-coordinated planting makes the cool lines of this chic rectangular pool sing. This one’s in the American Midwest, but it could totally work Down Under 🙂

Wellness is the new luxury. In fact, according to the Global Wellness Institute, healthier-built spaces that cater to the middle to the upper ends of the market are achieving home sales price premiums averaging 10-25% and can even go up to 55%.

Blue Haven Pools Inspiration
Source: @perfecthideaways
  1. Chic simplicity

Santorini? No, you’re in Mozambique! Achieve a Greek Island-inspired look with clean lines, stunning aqua tiling and perfect landscaping with stone detailing and light-coloured surrounds, including furniture. Just beautiful.

Blue Haven Pools Integration
Source: @palmerandpenn
  1. Blue valentine

All the wows for this one from the Chateau de la Croix des Gardes in Cannes. We can’t give you the Mediterranean, but we can give you the knockout pool, and a mural on the wall could do the rest. Why not?

Blue Haven Pools
Source: @junglefishbali
  1. Hanging out

Got a hillside block? You too can have a pool like this cracker at Bali’s Jungle Fish restaurant. Building over 1,000 pools annually and humbly winning more than 350 industry design awards, We’ve yet to meet a block that we couldn’t handle!

Blue Haven Pools Creativity

Here’s one of our pool projects that truly unleashed our team’s creativity and ability in building a pool on a sloping block. As the house of our client in Eleebana was built on uneven land, we pulled off an elevated backyard oasis that gives access to the beautiful Lake Macquarie skyline. To ensure safety whilst maximising elegance and exquisite nature views, we also placed a glass pool fence facing the street and a wood fence on the side.

Get your Pools Insta Gamous
Source: @anantaraqasralsarab
  1. Pink perfection

Your pool, your fantasy. If you’d like a desert oasis in your Aussie backyard, we can make it happen! We’re ready when you are 😉

Blue Haven Pools
Source: @bemarrakesh
  1. Tile-tastic

Check out the tile work on this Moroccan beauty. Go on and challenge us to recreate this look – we’ll love you for it!

Blue Haven Pools Instagram
Source: @jwloscabos
  1. Happy hideaway

You can achieve it even if you don’t have a lot of space with this incredible infinity design, flanked by sheer walls. It can be your ultimate hidden sanctuary.

Blue Haven Pools Inspiration
Source: @acronvillasparos
  1. Greek beauty

Life by the bay? We can create this stunning rectangular pool and detailing, which provides a calming effect with its naturalistic colouring. Hula pool umbrellas and sun loungers complete the look.

Blue Haven Pools
Source: @lakeargyle
  1. To infinity and

Go beyond with a wet edge pool and feel the glamour every day. 

Hope you enjoyed this tour around the world 😉

Blue Haven has spent nearly 50 years building pools for families across Sydney with over 100 years of combined executive experience, 70,000 pools built, and 350 industry design awards won. We combine international best practices and world-class materials to build high-quality pools and spas, pushing industry boundaries worldwide. You deserve the right builder by your side, helping you make the best choices from day one.

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