Zip Industries


· World leader in instant hot water systems

· Zip Industries is proudly Australian & manufactured in our own factory.

· Zip Industries has been synonymous with instant hot water systems for more than 30 years.

· Zip Industries maintains a national network of more than 300 comprehensively-trained service technicians and service providers.

· Zip Industries offers a standard 24 month warranty with the option to extend to 36 months for residential models installed in residential kitchens.

Zip Industries Product range

Zip Industries has expanded beyond the instant hot water systems & developed a broad range of products including chilled filtered water systems. Zip Industries is now considered a world leader in instant hot water systems & filtered water systems.

The benefits of installing a hydrotap in your workplace.

One of the company’s signature products, the Zip HydroTap®, has transformed the idea of a kitchen tap forever! The Zip HydroTap® is better thought of as a kitchen sensation with major savings for individual households. Not only does it save valuable time in your busy life, it also saves water and energy making it an obvious choice in a world that is becoming more and more environmentally conscious.

The new residential range of Zip HydroTap® models deliver instant boiling filtered water and instant chilled filtered water, and because it saves time, water and energy the Zip HydroTap® is now being specified by architects and interior designers for inclusion in a growing number of home kitchens as well as in offices and other commercial projects. Install a Zip Hydroptap in your workplace and you will see the benefits.

Optional colours and finishes

This trend has led to increased demand for distinctive colours and finishes, so Zip® now offers Zip HydroTap® in bright chrome, brushed chrome (a better match for stainless steel), black chrome (very striking) and authentic gold plate (for sinful opulence).
If you are building a home or renovating your kitchen be sure and check out the full range of Zip HydroTap® models and options.

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