10 relaxing bathroom design ideas

10 relaxing bathroom design ideas


Check out the latest international bathroom design ideas and turn your ordinary bathroom into a space for wellness and relaxation.

bathroom wellness tulip


This gorgeous range of bathroom furniture from Arblue is named Tulip and consists of bathtub, washbasins, consoles, rotating shower columns, mirrors and varnished metal accessories. The range plays on the almost-square nature of the various components with the softened edges creating a space in which luxury and relaxation are possible. www.arblu.it


bathroom wellness black and white


The Light collection from Arlex Italia Interiors plays on the use of light to create mood as well as add a functional element to a bathroom’s design. High-tech vertical surface material Alicrite is combined with aluminium trim and a strip of LED lights for a striking visual effect. Innovative yet practical, the light strip is very useful as a nightlight as well as to give the bathroom a different visual effect at different times of the day. www.arlexitalia.com


bathroom wellness oriental


Metamorfosi is the new bathroom furniture collection from Stocco. It is designed around the shape of the base unit with its familiar rounded edges and deep drawer, which extends out to reveal a wealth of internal storage space. The outer structure is available in a range of exclusive designs, matched with the Stocco colour palette, allowing the designer to personalise the bathroom space like never before. www.stocco.it


bathroom wellness bath


Touted as “a protective embrace for relaxing moments”, this is the Anahita bath from Mastella Design. Designed by architect Marco Baxadonne, the freestanding bathtub is made from a composite of resins and aluminium materials, which makes the product dense, non-porous, hygienic and durable. The spiral shape reflects the fluid movement of water with a simple, definite line that swirls around the bather for both comfort and aesthetic pleasure. www.mastelladesign.it


bathroom wellness multicolour


Colour is often used to create mood in a bathroom space and this example, Razio from Bluform, is a great example of how to bring a sense of fun and happiness into this often-used room. Razio is a system of modular furniture pieces that seek to play with colour and asymmetry to create various visual effects within the bathroom. Minimalist design allows the colour to remain the central feature. www.bluform.eu


bathroom wellness granite look sink


Designed by Enzo Berti, Kreoo introduces the Loto marble basin. The fluid shape of the marble basin works perfectly in a range of settings and, in this instance, is offset by a wooden support structure. Simple lines belie the design cleverness of this piece, which is able to stand as a central feature of the bathroom rather than the traditional against-wall position. www.kreoo.com


bathroom wellness neutral


Designed by architect Steve Leung for Neutra, the Inkstone collection was inspired by the Chinese ink stone traditionally used for calligraphy. The collection combines a simple elegance and minimal design to create a range of products that encapsulate the sense of wellbeing we all want from our bathrooms. Smooth surfaces and gently rounded shapes equal the ideals of luxury, purity and elegance. www.neutradesign.it


bathroom wellness city chic


From the company’s Aqua range, here’s the City group of designer bathroom products. Idea Group has focused on the idea of flexibility with this range of modular pieces available in both matt and gloss finishes. Masses of storage space make these units practical as well as good looking, with their soft curves and simple fixtures. www.ideagroup.it


bathroom wellness blue and white


BLU Scavolini introduces a new collection of bathroom pieces that celebrate this space as a haven from life. Designed by Castiglia Associates, the Font collection is available in a range of finishes and is shown here in glossy turquoise glass. The feature of Font is the glass door — a 4mm glass pane is applied above a lacquered panel in the same colour as the glass. A push-to-open system allows for easy access to the contents. www.bluscavolini.com


bathroom wellness blue sink


The Beauty Area, from Webert, encapsulates the idea of the bathroom as a wellness space. Designed by Massimiliano Settimelli, all four products from the collection (Angelica is pictured) were formulated to provide maximum comfort during regular beauty rituals. Of particular note is the Easy Lift system, which allows the top-mounted washbasin to be removed and replaced extremely easily, thereby making more room for these tasks. www.webert.it

By Melanie Gardener
From Bathroom Yearbook magazine 17