5 Ways to create more space in your bathroom


Creating enough space in your bathroom can be something of a challenge. Whether you’re living alone or with a family of five, most of us wish we had more space for storage and showering or bathing. Luckily, Rosemary from Hollywood Bathrooms says there are several things you can do to create more space in your bathroom, or to simply make the room appear larger.

1. Choose light colours

When choosing new tiles or painting your bathroom, opt for pale and soft colours. Pastels work well, as do off-whites and other neutral tones. These will reflect light and make your bathroom appear larger than it would if you had bright or dark colours.

2. Choose larger tiles

Bigger tiles can create a larger perspective of the room, making your bathroom look more spacious, while smaller tiles will shrink the room visually.

3. Add more lighting

Having additional lights in your bathroom will add a feeling of openness. Make sure any windows are kept clear so that as much natural light as possible can enter the room. If your budget permits, consider installing a sky-light. Choosing higher wattage bulbs and clear glass light bulbs will also enhance the lighting in your bathroom and create a feeling of space.

4. Use mirrors

Adding mirrors to any wall will make a room appear larger, and the bathroom is no exception. Mirrors reflect light, giving an immediate illusion of space. Horizontal mirrors will make the room look wider, while vertical ones can add height. If you have enough wall-space, you can even place two mirrors facing each other and let them reflect off each other.

5. Consider wall cabinets

Replacing floor cabinets with wall cabinets or a pedestal sink frees up lot of floor space, letting the eye drift across the floor to the back wall uninterrupted. If you keep a lot of things inside your vanity, consider installing floating shelves in your shower or above the toilet and moving some objects to these areas.

Other quick tips to create more space in your bathroom:

  • Put hooks on the back of your bathroom door to hang towels or robes.
  • Choose a clear glass shower screen instead of frosted or tinted.
  • Install a sliding door.
  • Keep toiletries and beauty products inside cabinets rather than having them sitting on your vanity. A cluttered area will make the room look smaller, so keep this space organised and tidy.
Of course, the only way to truly create more space in your bathroom is to knock down a wall or two. However, by following the above suggestions, you can use your existing bathroom space more efficiently and enhance the perceived size of the room.

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