Bathroom heating with style


Tubes_Scaletta_01_lrThe heated towel rail is often considered a luxury inclusion when planning a bathroom renovation and the idea of climbing out of a shower to be greeted with a lovely, soft, warm towel is a dream for many. Here’s an idea from Italian company Tubes which incorporates a radiator plus a heated towel rail with a design style that really catches your attention.

Tubes_Scaletta_07_lrCalled “Scaletta”, this gorgeous accessory is from the company’s Elements Collection and designed by Elisa Giovannoni. It’s shape represents a ladder which is quite different to what we are used to from most heated towel rails.

Tubes_Scaletta_06_lrHere’s what the designer has to say about Scaletta: “The image of a ladder resting against a wall makes one think of something new, of human industry, of the future, of going from the bottom up, it encloses within itself the opposing concepts of dynamism and static. It is a positive icon. This heating “ladder” is an item which I have long desired for my home, so I think it answers one of the first questions one asks oneself when observing a new item of design.”

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