Bathroom luxury: the perfect slice of everyday indulgence
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Modern and warm, this Champagne Finish luxury bathroom is the perfect slice of everyday indulgence

Designed with an ‘inner sanctum’ in mind, this bathroom practically glows with warmth. The combination of the timber-inspired Navurban vanity and the modern white of the sink afford the space with a sense of luxury, while the oversized mirror maximises the room’s dimensions.

The visual texture of the vanity banishes any sense of austerity, while the double-basin benchtop is both practical and stylish. The workability of doubles is extended to the shower suite, with two shower head options and more than enough space. Wall niches help keep the area streamlined and organised, a theme that’s mirrored by the wall-mounted taps in the sanitary section.

Besides enhancing the space’s dimensions and textures, the elongated mirror also captures the vista of the outside garden, adding to the organic feel of the room.

Designers: Gail Kasch and Steffen Kasch with Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens

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