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This extensive range of bathroom products and solutions combine outstanding functionality with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic

Small bathroom spaces, including ensuites and powder rooms, have different ventilation requirements to larger bathrooms. They often lack windows to assist with natural airflow and the build-up of condensation, mildew and stale air in these small spaces can not only create an unpleasant environment, they can also damage high-quality fixtures.

So what is the best solution? With more than 150 years of experience, Geelong-based IXL develops market-leading heat, light and ventilation products suited to all kinds of environments and room sizes. As a leading Australian innovator, IXL is known for its commitment to engineering excellence and high-quality manufacturing as well as its extensive range of products that combine outstanding functionality with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

As it’s important to maximise space in small bathrooms and ensuites, an IXL Tastic three-in-one solution can provide excellent extraction, light and heat solutions in one stylish, streamlined module. The Original Tastic three-in-one, for example, can not only eliminate shower steam with its powerful extraction capacity of 283m³/h, it also features four 275W heat lamps to provide the perfect level of comfort and illumination. Its outstanding performance is also backed by a five-year in-home warranty.

If ventilation is the only requirement for a small space, an IXL Tastic Neo Vent module is the perfect choice. It has a compact fan size of 170mm, a powerful extraction capacity of 360m³/h and also comes with a five-year in-home warranty.

IXL’s extensive range includes products such as the Eco Ventflo 200, which is great for spaces with existing light fittings. It features a high-performing exhaust capacity of 340m³/h, a powerful 200mm fan, self-sealing back draught flaps to prevent unwanted breezes when not in use and comes with a three-year replacement warranty. Another great option for small spaces that don’t require heating is IXL’s Tastic Neo Vent n Lite. It combines three 7W LED directional downlights with a powerful 170mm fan and a high-performing exhaust capacity of 360m³/h and includes a five-year in-home warranty.

If you’re not sure of the best solution for your space, IXL’s handy “Help me Choose” online tool is designed to do the work for you. You can calculate your extraction requirements in two easy steps on the IXL website — simply choose the type of room and the room dimensions for a selection of suitable products. IXL understands that rooms of different sizes have different ventilation requirements and its extensive range of high-quality products means you can always find the solution that’s right for you.

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Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 23, Issue 3