Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles
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I’m planning a bathroom renovation and I’m not sure which type of tiles to pick. What should I look for when deciding on a tile?

A: “Depending on your budget and the size
of the renovation the most common tile sold today is porcelain, produced in either a polished or matt finish. Over the past six months 80 per cent of DeLucia Tile Gallery clients have chosen polished porcelain, mainly in neutral colour tones, introducing feature tiles such as marble and glass mosaics to enhance contrast and add interest. The remaining 20 per cent have selected a two-tone approach, usually dark floor/light wall and a feature to combine the two. When selecting polished porcelain ask the sales consultant if the tiles you have selected need to be sealed as polished porcelain may be porous depending on the country of origin. Price will also reflect the quality so be aware that a tile sold for $19.95 per square metre will be vastly inferior to a tile that is sold for $45 per square metre,” says Frank Filippis, Manager of Delucia Tile Gallery.

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