Discrete waste disposer: Insinkerator’s no-mess appliance

Don’t want to waste another minute in your kitchen scrubbing that chopping board or fishing those scraps from the drain? We don’t blame you and neither do the people behind InSinkErator

The InSinkErator Food Waste disposer is discretely fitted under the sink, allowing all food waste to be conveniently and hygienically discarded. Bones, meat, fish, dairy, pasta… it can all be disposed of within seconds by this bladeless appliance.

“With just about any kind of food waste going right down the drain, the handling of food scraps is minimised and time spent preparing and cleaning up after meals is significantly reduced,” says Donna-Marie Sheldon, InSinkErator’s national marketing manager.

“After being ground up, food waste is sent via the sewerage system to a waste water treatment plant. These plants are designed to treat organic waste in contrast to landfill sites. This means a win for the environment and a step forward for the modern Australian kitchen.”

Now, how much better does that sound than spending time cleaning up?

The range:

Top of the range, the Evolution 200 features three stage grind technology and our quietest technology. It’s our most powerful and quietest model. Don’t worry about what you can and cannot grind… the Evolution 200 grinds all food waste. Full stop.

The Model 56 is a good-value mid-range option.  It offers reliable performance and is ideal for regular use in smaller households.It grinds without blades and disposes  of food scraps instantly. Economy-wise, it uses under 1% of total  household water consumption and less than $1.50 per year in electricity.

As an entry-level option, the Model 46 food waste disposer offers good performance and will suit small households with moderate usage demands. It is easy to install, eliminates food scraps  instantly and grinds without blades.

It uses less than 1% of total household water consumption and offers an environmentally responsible option to sending organic food waste to landfill.

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