Five wonderful ways to light up your kitchen
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Five wonderful ways to light up your kitchen


Lighting is one of the most important elements in your kitchen, impacting the ambience, your efficiency and mood. Here are five ways to illuminate your space


Sleek and subtle, downlights provide functionality and a seamless aesthetic. Downlights go about their business of lighting a room with no fancy baubles. The ideal solution for spaces with low ceilings, particularly over a kitchen island, recessed downlights also won’t collect grease — perfect for cooking.


These are the tiaras of the lighting world. Offering not just functionality, they can make a statement, whether they’re bold in gold or have a striking shape. Versatility is part of the allure of the pendant light, with options to subtly blend in with a light wood finish or add an industrial accent in matt black. The drawback of pendant lights is that although they’re great for singular task lighting and gently illuminating a room, their typically small bulbs mean you may need extra lighting to fully brighten a space.

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Used to provide task lighting to a work bench, under-cabinet lights create a more intense illumination so you can easily prepare the salad or find the right spoon. LED striplighting is a good option for this type of illumination, with long-lasting and even light dispersion. Whether your vision isn’t as good as it used to be or you’re after easier access, under-cabinet lighting can be helpful in your kitchen.


Leave no space unlit with inside-cabinet lighting that reaches even the darkest corners. Particularly useful for deep shelving or pantries, this type of lighting can add value to a kitchen and is available in a range of battery options, such as automatic turn-on or dimmer switches for optimum efficiency. Full-space illumination reduces the risk of nasties lurking behind containers and allows you to make the most of a storage area.


Mix up the lighting in your space with bulbs that change colour or intensity. Set the mood for a romantic evening with dim lighting, or ramp it up with techno colours for a party — the possibilities are endless! Many colour- or intensity-changing lights can be controlled through an app or smart systems like Google Home.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Vol. 25 No. 4