Laundry organisation with these seven products

Organise your laundry with these seven products


Laundries are often home to a multitude of smelly and messy items that can make efficiency a faraway dream. Create an ergonomic space where your clothes will flow from one section to the next with products that will segregate the dirty from the clean, or offer an alternative to a cluttered space


Laundry Drying Shelf
Don’t let the lack of sunshine wash away your plans to tackle the washing that’s piled up. Indoor clothes-hanging systems work a treat, employing the natural warmth from the house to gently dry the clothes, all while using available wall space to keep the floor clear. The Elfa drying shelf can work in conjunction with a utility wall or any wall space and can be folded down when not in use. A hanging rail running across the room is another time saver that pays off in the long run, as it can create almost wrinkle-free clothing by simply hanging up shirts on coat hangers after the cycle’s finished.



Tansel Laundry Baskets 1 Cropped

Laundry cupboards often store piles of towels or sheets, which are often difficult to access and hard on your back to reach. Facing this challenge head on, Tansel offers a clever solution. Sliding laundry baskets take the contents from an awkward position to outside the cabinet for ease of use. These stainless-steel sliding laundry baskets are highly flexible and can be fitted into just about any cabinet shape and size. The stainless-steel materiality ensures long-term durability in this damp space and is a choice that you won’t regret. Coupled with a removable or washable bag, the possibilities are endless.



Easy Build Laundry Solution
Open to the elements, the humble shelving unit is ideal for heavier items such as tubs or large detergents that can be placed on the middle shelves, easing the strain from bending down. A renowned supplier of all things storage, Howard’s Storage World has created a shelving unit on wheels for ultra convenience. With an over-the-door ironing board attachment available also, you can use the laundry unit to its full advantage, with your clothes going straight from the ironing board to be hung beside you on the horizontal pole.



Sliding Doors Kitchens By Peter Gill
Sometimes organising your laundry isn’t just about finding a spot for everything, but creating an uncluttered den of Zen. Functional and complementary to different styles, sliding doors can tuck mess behind closed doors to create an immaculate space. The laundry is home to an array of items — laundry or otherwise — and the build-up of products can become unsightly. Talking to a cabinetmaker about screening options such as sliding doors can equal a space that is cohesive and tidy.



Tansel Detergent Pullout Low Res
Detergents and washing powders are often messy, strong smelling and should be placed separately to towels or sheets. With this in mind, a cupboard under a sink that is already hampered by pipes and the bowl of the sink is a convenient location for these untidy items. Detergent pull-outs can make a world of difference, bringing the contents from within a tight space out into comfortable reach. Able to be placed along the wall of a cupboard, or horizontally out from a narrow space, Tansel’s detergent pull-outs are a versatile storage solution that can help organise even the most cramped of spaces.



Utility Wall Laundry
The laundry often houses everything from dirty clothing and sunscreen to mops and brooms. Clutter somehow accumulates and it’s difficult to find a place for everything. A utility wall can change the game, offering you the ability to attach hooks, shelves or drawers to the wall. Catering for the individual’s organisational needs, you can create a space that has just the right amount of drawers to separate the whites and colours, or hold the duster on the wall. Elfa’s utility wall is an option that can make your dream laundry a reality. This customisable and sturdy product creates limitless storage opportunities.



Telescopic Laundry Shelf 2
An open walkway and plentiful storage are key factors in a laundry. Combine both of these by looking at storage options that go up instead of out. Shelves are unique in that everything is on display, as there are no doors, and they’re often easy and cheap to install. The Ovela Telescopic laundry shelf requires no tools, is lightweight, portable and is great for apartments or smaller living arrangements. Toilet paper, towels, detergents and baskets can all be held within arm’s reach with this convenient product.


Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 25 Issue 3