Pantry organisation from the inside out
Image by Elfa

Seven ideas for perfect pantry organisation


From a compact cupboard to a butler’s pantry, organising the seemingly endless array of appliances, food cans and boxes in an easy and accessible way is a challenge all homeowners face. Drawers have taken centre stage in recent kitchen designs, rated highly as a storage option that is more effective than cupboards to showcase the contents of the space. To achieve your pantry organisation goals, we scouted out some of the best products in the market to utilise every centimetre to its fullest capacity


Cornerstone Maxx Vauth Sagel
Corner units are known to be one of the trickiest sections of cabinetry to navigate and use effectively in a butler’s pantry. As the hidden preparation and cooking area next to a kitchen, a butler’s pantry needs almost all of the functionality and storage of a kitchen and therefore needs to be organised effectively. An ingenious solution for utilising a room’s corners is the Vauth-Sagel CORNERSTONE MAXX corner unit, a system that brings the full contents of the cupboard at your fingertips. Supported by a power-assisted movement system and with a load-bearing of up to 25kg, this durable product features an interior that slides in and out effortlessly and noiselessly.



Tansel Pull Out Basket 1When considering visibility and functionality, look no further than a pull-out basket. Ideal for those hard-to-reach containers at the back of a cabinet and an excellent alternative to internal drawers, a pull-out basket is easy to grab and tuck back away. A great option is the Tansel stainless-steel pull-out wire basket. Defined by clever design, this highly durable storage solution features a non-slip base for spills and stability, a stainless-steel composition, which is made to last and is DIY-friendly so you can save money without compromising on quality. This product can fit into 15 different cabinet widths and has two basket height options so will suit a range of spaces.



Corner Drawer Blum
Another alternative to tackling the tricky corner section is a corner unit drawer. Ideal for a smaller cabinetry section, these drawers will make the most of an often wasted and underutilised space. One innovative cabinet solution, the SPACE CORNER for TANDEMBOX by Blum, is designed specifically for this corner section in mind. The spacious, angled drawers are extendable, allowing you to reach the back corner while seamlessly blending into the surrounding cabinetry. To organise these drawers, Blum also offers ORGA-LINE, a practical kitchen accessory that will make chores easier and ensure everything goes back into place.



Elfa Wall Rack 1 Cropped
Whether on an unused wall or the back of a door, wall racks are a great way to organise tins, spice containers, cereal boxes and drinks. Ideal for grouping items together so you always know exactly where to look, wall racks take pantry organisation to the next level. Elfa offers a variety of fantastic different storage options and the company’s utility wire pantry door and wall rack system is no exception. Featuring baskets that can be easily moved higher or lower to suit your requirements, an immaculate space is in reach with this multi-use rack.



Toe Kick Drawer Peter Gill
Kickboards or toe kicks are the baseboards that seal the gap between the bottom cabinets and the floor. Transform this typically decorative feature into another organisational opportunity by adding drawers into this space. Touch-and-release systems are effective for frequent use to make storage a breeze. Surplus napkins, hand mixers or other less commonly used items are good options that can be placed in the drawer to tuck away clutter. Alternatively, as pictured here in this design from Kitchens by Peter Gill, wine can be easily stored in toe kicks. Talk to a cabinetmaker about toe kick drawers as a seamless and versatile addition to your space.



Pull Out Drawer Blum 1
Almost no space is too small to be used in a butler’s pantry, as proven by narrow pull-out drawers that can store the necessities you want close at hand, but may not want on the bench. A clever option for deep cabinetry, pull-out drawers make use of the entire available space. Blum’s LEGRABOX is a sleek and adaptable solution that can maintain a uniform appearance across the cabinetry. Particularly useful in spaces near a preparation bench or stove, these drawers go above and beyond in utilising space to the max.



Open Out Pantry Elite Bistro Lifestyle 600
Open-out pantries offer a unique set of challenges in optimising storage. But the classic pantry can be expanded to store even more products, all within the same space. The ELITE-Provedore open-out pantry uses even the pantry door for organisation, allowing for further visibility and accessibility of the space. The pantry offers dual door-mounted baskets and rear baskets that pull out for your convenience. Adjustable in height, this storage solution is bound to make a world of difference in your space.


Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 25 Issue 3