Luxe living: an elegant contemporary bathroom


We love the exquisite decorative screen featured in this bathroom

“Having outgrown their previous bathroom, which was old and featured too much marble, an out-of-style built-in spa bath, outdated tiles and a Greek-style theme, which was no longer modern, the homeowners sought to renovate the space to create the bathroom of their dreams. Their request to make the most of existing plumbing points was among the main considerations made when designing this exquisite bathroom. The luxe space just oozes elegance, while remaining highly functional.

“The double vanity ensures two users can occupy the bathroom comfortably, while the gorgeous trio of artworks adds an extra touch of subtle luxe to the space. The Laminex screen in Tendrill is without a doubt the standout feature of this space. While technically a decorative screen for exteriors, it is repurposed beautifully to suit this indoor bathroom. Placed beside the vanity and in front of the bath, it serves as a beautiful makeshift window, allowing bathers to look through the bedroom and out to the spectacular waters.”
Designer: Katia Slogrove for Germancraft Cabinets

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