Get the look: Roaring 20s bathroom

Get the look: Roaring ’20s bathroom



Bring some art deco sophistication and glamour into your bathroom with our top picks of ’20s inspired bathroom products.


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The style of the 1920s is making a strong resurgence, with successful television series Boardwalk Empire and Hollywood blockbusters Midnight in Paris and The Great Gatsby serving as inspiration. Here are our top picks to bring some art deco glamour into your bathroom:

1. Single-ended slipper bath in two-tone enamel-painted cast iron,

2. Auto-Portrait by Tamara de Lempicka poster,

3. Vivien Deco Lamp,

4. Perrin & Rowe Art Deco powder room basin,

5. Perrin & Rowe Art Deco toilet,

6. Hawthorn Hill Art Deco towel warmer,

7. Josephine Baker by Paul Colin poster,

8. Perrin & Rowe Art Deco basin on Hawthorn Hill basin stand,

From Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly 19.1