Luxury and elegance: home spa baths


This range of spa baths has been designed to create a relaxing day spa ambiance in the comfort of your home

The top of the range Dolce Vita collection of spa baths are manufactured with flush mounted jets ,designed to be ergonomically the most comfortable spa jets available. The c-lenda™ jet patented technology mean the fittings are mounted flush with the bath wall, creating a smooth continuous surface without protrusions.  The jet controls are easily adjustable and the air flow can be adapted to give a vigorous or gentle soothing massage.

C-lenda flush mini jets are designed to deliver concentrated hydro-massage to muscle groups including lumbar, feet and shoulders.  The top of the range Dolce Vita Spa baths, feature additional swirl jets, designed to give a pulsating massage to the lower lumbar and feet and hydro body jets with LED mood lighting.

The Dolce Vita bath range also includes chromo-therapy lighting which use seven-different colours of electromagnetic radiation to heal the body and boost energy, known as ‘mood lighting’ the colour and brightness can be controlled by a bath mounted touch pad so you can create soft ambient lighting during your bath,  to create a relaxing day spa experience.

The Dolce Vita Spa baths also come with a remote spa bath key, allowing you to activate your spa bath from the palm of your hand from almost anywhere in the house, including activating the auto heat boost pump which maintains the perfect spa bath water temperature, so you can enjoy your spa bath for longer.

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