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The right tapware can be the finishing touch in your bathroom


Finding a piece that is high in quality and complements your design style is made easy with Phoenix Tapware. This Australian company is known for its market-leading tapware that is both innovative and award-winning.

But that’s not all there is to love about this brand. Phoenix Tapware specialises in different finishes, with contemporary matt black, timeless brushed nickel, the glamour of brushed gold and the feminine warmth of brushed rose gold all on offer. These shades not only meet current market trends and suit a variety of design aesthetics, they will also stand the test of time thanks to the durable materials used in their construction in conjunction with the latest in finishing technology.

It’s simple, really. Phoenix Tapware uses electroplating on most brass products, placing the part in a bath of nickel. This helps remove impurities and protect the brass so it better resists corrosion. Following this, the product is dipped into a chrome solution to achieve the desired colour. Phoenix Tapware also uses PVD (Physical Vapour Distribution) to coat its range of brushed gold tapware, a sustainable process that provides a hard, durable finish with little to no waste.

Eco-conscious ethics are evident in the brand’s powder-coating too. Phoenix powder-coats most of its parts for a smooth, uniform finish which, unlike other similar coating processes, doesn’t harm the environment. In addition, the company’s Zimi powder-coated finishes all come with a seven-year warranty, offering you peace of mind.

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