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With a focus on providing innovative and sustainable solutions to cater to both domestic and commercial applications, the product range includes a wide selection of ventilation solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of clients.

At Fanco, they understand the importance of passive design principles and how they impact a space’s efficient management of ventilation and air movement. As such, they remain committed to offering their customers top-quality products that are durable, efficient, and elegant.

With the growing need for safe indoor environments, Fanco has developed two unique air purifier models suitable for larger and smaller indoor areas, respectively. These purifiers feature cutting-edge technology that ensures clean air circulation and prevents airborne particles from contaminating your space.

The Fanco Bright Air Purifier is a top-of-the-line product that features three stages of filtration, including a HEPA 13 filter. The filter works together with other stages to capture and intercept 99.95% of airborne particles like dust, pollen, mold spores, and odors from circulating in your space. The Bright Air Purifier is smart-enabled, allowing you to control it via a compatible smart device through the Tuya App. It is best suited for medium to large-sized rooms such as lounge areas or home offices of up to 50m2.

The Fanco Fusion Air Purifier is another remarkable product that serves as both an air purifier and cooling fan. It is perfect for bedrooms or studies and can cover an area of up to 16m2. The Fusion also contains an H13 HEPA filter that reduces wind resistance and removes tiny particles for a cleaner, fresher indoor environment.

Research from the Victorian Department of Health shows that Australians spend over 80% of their time indoors, which means proper ventilation in indoor spaces is crucial. This is particularly important for older age groups, who tend to be more vulnerable to respiratory problems. Unfortunately, poor ventilation and air contamination from pollutants and allergens in indoor spaces can cause health issues and environmental damage.

Fanco’s air purifiers are specially designed to capture and eliminate airborne particles from indoor spaces continuously, ensuring that clean air is circulated throughout. This makes them an excellent investment for individuals or businesses concerned about maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Fanco Australia remains committed to providing innovative, sustainable, and efficient air movement solutions. With a wide range of ventilation products and air purifiers, Fanco is dedicated to ensuring that individuals and businesses have access to top-quality products that promote a healthy indoor environment.

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