A guide to frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing


Considering a frameless or semi-frameless glass fence for your pool but want to know more? We’ve got you covered

Frameless glass fencing

It’s no particular surprise that frameless glass fences are so popular in modern pool and outdoor design. Take Glass & Fencing Warehouse’s frameless glass fencing for example—not only does it not view your view of the outdoors, be it a pool or balcony, but it is made of toughened and durable glass to provide safety.

And, of course, frameless glass fencing is stylish and chic, acting as the perfect boundary for any pool or balcony. The Glass & Fencing Warehouse offers the following specifcations for frameless glass fencing:

  • 1200mm high x 2000mm long x 12mm toughened glass panel with polished edges
  • Worked out with round core drilled spigots and cover plates

Semi-frameless glass fencing

 A stylish and classic alternative to traditional metallic fencing, semi-frameless glass fencing enhances the look of the pool by providing a clear and uninterrupted view and further provides safety for children and toddlers. Semi-frameless fencing isn’t just confined to the pool however–it will also look great anywhere in your home, for example as a balcony boundary. The Glass & Fencing Warehouse offers the following specifications for frameless glass fencing:

  • 8mm & 10mm Toughened Glass
  • 50mm Round and Square Posts
  • Top Caps, Rubbers, Dress Rings, Glass Protectors, Infill
  • Choice of colours; black or precious silver

For a free quote, click here and get an estimate of their installation fee according to the size of the swimming pool, the stairs, a deck or the balcony.

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