The dream team behind your bathroom designs


We take a closer look at the designers and renovators behind your favourite bathroom designs

On Complete Home we love to feature bathroom projects, often focusing on innovative and unique designs that have caught our eye. But rarely do we take a look at the people behind these stunning designs and what exactly goes into creating such special spaces.

The designers and renovators at Total Bathroom Centre are responsible for some of the most luxurious, elegant and stylish bathroom designs we’ve come across. It turns out that the philosophy behind their work is what you’d come to expect from such a company with such a high standard of work: “a commitment to creating exceptional renovations without cutting corners”.

To ensure this, designers work closely with clients to make sure their dreams for the perfect bathroom is turned into reality. But, as they explain, “completing a new bathroom renovation for your home is challenging enough without having to work with separate designers, renovators and suppliers ” and so Total Bathroom Centre offers a complete renovation services that provide clients with a holistic solution.

This includes access to designs from leading bathroom designers, their experts’ advice on every possible choice you can make, a wide range of bathroomware and reliable renovation and installation from professional bathroom renovators.

Taking short cuts helps no-one, either in the short or long term. Countless times Total Bathroom Centre have come across shoddy workmanship that has resulted in leaking bathrooms that are only a few years old.

It’s not just about the final look of the bathroom but the quality of the work itself — as Total Bathroom Centre puts it, “Why renovate your bathroom again in a couple of years when it would only take a little more effort and cost to do it right the first time?”

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Written by Ben Nour

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