Tips for Hot Weather Tiling

Summer is just around the corner, so make sure you are ready for the heat with these helpful hints and tips for tiling in hot weather!

You want to ensure the best installation of your projects over the hotter months, and there is a simple rule to follow when an installation is subjected to high temperatures: The 8ºC Rule – for every 8ºC above 21ºC, Portland cement, and epoxy-based materials take half as long to cure.
General tips for working in hot temperatures
  1. For best results, always ship and store installation materials at 5ºC – 32ºC to extend the shelf life and working time. Do not store products in direct sunlight. If installation materials are too warm, they should be cooled to the specified temperature range for that specific product.
  2. Dampen or wet down substrate surfaces to not only clean the area but to lower the temperature and lower the absorption rate of the substrate. Sweep off excess water just before mortar is applied. This step will extend the working time of the installation materials.
  3. Stir latex additives thoroughly before mixing with thin-sets, grouts, plasters, stucco, and other Portland cement mortars.
  4. Due to the rapid rate of moisture loss and Portland cement dehydration at temperatures >32ºC, cover installations with polyethylene sheeting for 1-2 days to allow curing at a more normal rate.
  5. Low humidity also accelerates the curing process.
  6. Tent off or provide shade when working in direct sunlight
  7. Work during cooler periods of the day (e.g. early morning).
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