Concrete Furniture: What are the Options?


Custom concrete furniture allows this innovative design team to make your vision a concrete reality

Born out of a passion for making concrete aesthetically beautiful and functionally practical, Blend Concrete Design creates custom concrete furniture pieces and offers a stunning selection of handcrafted pieces available for purchase online.

Blend Concrete Design

Blend Concrete Design’s custom creations allow for clients to make their vision a concrete reality. From custom wall panels to tables, Blend Concrete Design collaborates with clients to produce concrete creations that enhance any space. Their online store allows customers to browse and purchase a selection of handcrafted concrete piece.

What works best for you? Is it creating a custom piece or choosing from Blend’s range of products? To help you make this decision, here are some key benefits of both options.


The concrete pieces on Blend Concrete Design’s online store form part of the ‘Classic Collection’ product range. New collections will be added to the online shop seasonally.

The pieces in the current collection have stunning clean lines and smooth finishes, perfect for any space. See for yourself!

Umbria Dining Table, Blend Concrete Design
Umbria Dining Table, Blend Concrete Design

The Umbria Dining Table highlights the striking beauty of concrete. The rounded edges create an elegant table design which is bound to be a feature piece in any space.

Experiment with the colours you’re considering in our online shop by clicking on any of the colour options. Viewing the range in any one of Blend Concrete Design’s colours means that selecting the right colour and design for your space couldn’t be easier.  We know how hard it can be to choose the right colour for your space. If you’re feeling unsure about colour choice, order colour samples on Blend’s website.

Tuscan Dining Table, Blend Concrete Design
Tuscan Dining Table, Blend Concrete Design

The Tuscan Dining Table is another bold contemporary piece available for purchase at Blend Concrete Design’s online shop. The product pages contain all the information you need to know about the pieces. Each of the available pieces have a specification sheet which outlines its dimensions, material, weight and finish.

It will take 4 – 6 weeks to produce your beautiful handcrafted piece. You will be notified once the piece is ready to be shipped to your door.

Eclipse Basin, Blend Concrete Design
Eclipse Basin, Blend Concrete Design

Each individual piece is handcrafted and made to order. Blend Concrete Design uses high-end sealants which enhance the durability of each concrete piece, decreasing the chance of the piece becoming stained or scratched. The sealants are food safe ensuring Blend Concrete Design’s collection is a great fit for dining, entertainment and bathroom spaces.

If cared for properly, your concrete piece can last a lifetime! To help you best care for your piece, Blend Concrete Design provides a care and maintenance guide.

Custom Creations

Blend Concrete Design offers the ability to explore endless design possibilities. With a team of industrial designers and a passion for innovative design, Blend Concrete Design can partner with your or your team to create a one-of-a-kind custom concrete piece.

Blend Concrete Design
Blend Concrete Design

Blend Concrete Design creates a wide variety of concrete furniture and other stylish pieces for the home and outdoors. For some inspiration, have a look at a list of popular choices.

  • Tables (indoor and outdoor)
  • Bathroom vanity tops
  • Kitchen benchtops
  • BBQ benchtops
  • Seating
  • Stairs (internal and external)
  • Benchtops for hospitality (bar and cafe)
  • Benchtops for retail stores
  • Commercial Point of sale
  • Arches
  • Basins
  • Teppanyaki tables
  • Fireplace plinths
  • Wall panels (internal and external)
Blend Concrete Design
Blend Concrete Design

Creating a custom piece is an exciting process. The journey involves:

  • Initial design development – refining the brief, gathering inspiration images and preliminary sketches
  • Finalisation of the design including approval of the final renders and plans
  • Blend’s skilled team creates your beautiful custom piece
  • Blend delivers and installs your concrete piece

This process allows you to customise the dimensions, colour, surface finishes and thickness of your concrete piece. Blend’s design team will help you make sure that your piece achieves the aesthetic look and feel you’ve envisioned and the functionality you’re after. Seeing the product come to life is incredible and will definitely be a statement piece with a story.

Blend Concrete Interior Design
Blend Concrete Interior Design

This integrated basin is a beautiful example of one of Blend Concrete Design’s custom creations. This piece was designed to accommodate the functionality, storage and design preferences of the client.  The end product – a chic and contemporary seamless countertop and integrated basin.

Whether you’re choosing from Blend Concrete Designs’ range of products available on the online store or creating a custom piece, you will have chosen handcrafted concrete piece, perfect for you or your client. If you would like more help choosing what’s right for you, reach out to the helpful team at Blend Concrete Design.

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