Material Combinations to Perfectly Complement Your Concrete


Materials are key to creating beautiful spaces and expressing personal style. With no one right way of pairing materials together, here are some suggestions and combinations from the design team at Blend Concrete Design.

expressing personal style

Materials have the power to enhance the aesthetic and the functionality of a space. When deciding if a material is a good fit for your space, you should take into consideration the material’s colour, texture, durability, practicability, and finish. You should not only consider how a material works within the space, but also how it complements the other materials in the same area.

When looking to create feeling within a space, it’s crucial to choose materials that pair well together. Material combinations can be used to evoke emotions and enhance the aesthetic of interior and exterior spaces. Whether you’re designing a space in a new build or renovating an existing one, consider how the material combinations will impact the function and feel.

More and more, concrete is becoming a popular material choice for residential and commercial spaces, however, it can be challenging to decide what materials complement it best. The team at Blend Concrete Design have put together a few suggestions to inspire you when styling your concrete.

Concrete & Timber

One of our favourite material combinations, is concrete and timber. Whether you’re looking for rich warm hues, or subtle neutral tones, there’s sure to be a timber species that will pair beautifully with your concrete.

Consider the undertones of your concrete when deciding what timber to pair it with. Create a sense of harmony and balance by pairing warm timbers with warm coloured concrete or cool timbers and cool coloured concrete. Alternatively, create an accent or feature by experimenting with more contrasting colour combinations.

concrete with hardwood timber

Whether you’re pairing your concrete with hardwood timber floors or laminate cabinetry, there is a sure to be a combination that highlights the natural beauty of your concrete.

Concrete & Tiles

Many people choose to pair their concrete with tiles. Tiles come in endless shapes, sizes, patterns, and materials, so you’re sure to find one that complements your concrete and your space.

Tiles can be used in a variety of different ways. You may choose to feature your tiles in a splashback, flooring, or feature wall. All options are a great way to add contrast to your concrete.

fresh and modern approach to pairing concrete and tiles

The kitchen pictured above is a fresh and modern approach to pairing concrete and tiles. White tiles coupled with a matte light-grey concrete creates a clean and crisp aesthetic.

Concrete & Concrete

Looking to make a bold statement? Why not pair you concrete with more concrete?

Concrete comes in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes. Pairing two different types of concrete together, might be the perfect material combination for your space.

There are many beautiful ways to pair concrete with concrete. For a high contrast look, place a bright concrete basin on a neutral concrete vanity top. For a more subtle approach consider featuring a concrete table on a traditional concrete floor.

add a little more contrast

If you’re looking to add a little more contrast, consider combining concrete and terrazzo. The table featured below has a stunning terrazzo tabletop with matching concrete legs. Balance is created by using the same coloured concrete in the terrazzo mix and the table legs.

make a bold statement

Concrete & Brick

Try creating a more rustic and warm energy by combining concrete and brick. When paired together these two materials are the perfect way to make design statement.

creating a more rustic and warm energy

Blend created this beautiful concrete benchtop for the reception of a new Pilates studio. The rustic texture of the brick works to contrast the smooth matte finish of the light grey concrete benchtop.

Concrete & Glass

Glass and concrete is another material combination perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. From windows to screens, the addition of glass can accentuate the clean, modern look of concrete.

Glass and concrete is another material combination perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. From windows to screens, the addition of glass can accentuate the clean, modern look of concrete.

Concrete is a versatile material that pairs well with a large variety of materials. The ability to vary concrete’s colour and finish allows for endless pairing possibilities. Whether you’re going for a modern, industrial, or traditional look, concrete is a material you should consider.

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