Thinking About a Fireplace for Your Home?


If you are thinking about installing a fireplace in your home, your first question is most likely “where do I start?”

Visit us at The Company Of Fire  we are a one stop shop, our team can assist you in this process and are here to simplify the renovation.

Firstly, you will need to know if you are wanting to burn wood, use electricity or burn gas.

Each product has distinctly different looks advantages.

Electric fires are a contemporary looking flame and colour but can be set in a classic setting so can be used in most style of homes.

Real Flame have multiple models available, each with its own style, heating capability, audio effect, motion sensors, colour and flame displays.

The models come in a range of sizes so choosing one to suit your homes is now easy.=

The units only need a power source to run, not all options include a heating capability, but a wow factor is guaranteed.

Gas Fires have evolved the most over the years not only in the design but the technology that goes into them.  The new units are efficient, available to use natural gas (from the street) or LPG gas (from a bottle) connected to your home and come in a range of sizes and shapes. Landscape shape fireplaces typically set below a TV or into some joinery in the wall suit a modern home while our square shaped models are for those looking for a traditional setting.

The inclusion of a power balanced flue (include an exhaust pipe and a pipe to return the oxygen to the unit) gives the installer the option to include a Real Flame Space Heater in any home in any position. The pipes can run in the walls, ceiling or even under the floor. We recommend a site visit to confirm all aspects of the supply and install after you have visited our showroom to choose the product you love the most.

Wood Fires come in many shapes and sizes with varying heating capabilities. Generally, the bigger the fire the more wood you can burn so the more heat is generated.

Open fronted boxes usually have less of a heating capability and burn more fuel as you cannot control the amount of oxygen being added to the mix.

Slow combustion units with a glass door come with or without fans so the steel box can be heated to a temperature in a more controlled fashion and the heat can be delivered through radiant and or convection using the fan. These fires have been around for a very long time with a great deal of success, the shapes and style of modern boxes has changed considerably and can be used in all styles of homes.

The fires are installed in position where the flue (exhaust pipe) can terminate above the roof line.

There are perimeters around the position of the termination point and the local council website should be checked for an application for installation.

We recommend a visit to the showroom to see the fireplaces on display, have a chat with our team to discuss your project to see which fireplace is best for you, we can provide you with a free quote and discuss your next steps.

Looking forward to meeting you in the showroom soon.

What will you do in The Company of Fire.

Hero image credit: Built by MATTBUILD Pty Ltd.

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