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We explore some of the trendiest lighting products exhibited at Euroluce this year to help you illuminate your home in style

When push comes to shove, the lighting options you choose for your home are capable of making or breaking a space. In this light, it’s important to choose well and select designs that are timeless and won’t date.

Just like all up-and-coming colour trends are decided by Pantone and what’s hot in fashion is laregly determined during Fashion Week, lighting trends are influenced by industry authority Euroluce.

Euroluce 2017

Euroluce is the international lighting exhibition, which runs concurrently with Salone del Mobile.Milano, also known as Milan Design Fair. This year’s exhibition was particularly dazzling and we suspect what was showcased will influence lighting trends for years to come. We were thrilled to find that the majority of lighting products displayed this year were designed with luxurious, elegant homes in mind — we spotted so many pieces that are just perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and adjoining spaces including living rooms, dining areas and powder rooms. Designers seem to be moving away from industrial designs and towards soft, sculptural forms, meaning many lighting products exhibited also double as decorative features and statement pieces. Keep reading to draw inspiration from our top picks from Euroluce 2017.


Euroluce 2017
This year, Barovier&Toso’s Euroluce exhibit encompassed the form of seven giant round niches. From the outside, a huge screen broadcasted dancing flames, which was symbolic of the birth of glass and perhaps also a nod to the brand’s history of almost 800 years of glassmaking. This exterior encouraged curious visitors to enter to discover the seven niches, each containing a new collection. Each collection was displayed on a panel of white drapes, featuring Bordeaux and black as the main colours. The exhibit’s brilliance was further enhanced by the glossy black floor, which reflected the images off the screens as well as the collections themselves, resulting in an abundance of sensory stimuli.

Of these standout collections, Crown was among the most breathtaking and is ideal for luxe, modern-day interiors. This regal glass suspended decorative fixture comes in three configurations — one, two or three tiers. Each light is comprised of painted metal rings with openings, which the LED lights are weaved into, thereby illuminating the entire piece and painting a picture of modern elegance. W:


Euroluce 2017

Foscarini’s exhibit worked to narrate the two parts of the company: its creative side, which is inspired by art and culture; and the company’s support of technological research, innovation and communication. These two sides were represented through the juxtaposition of the booth’s interior and exterior design. Though the space seemed formal and structured from the outside, once inside, a more relaxed, playful and intimate setting abounded.

On the topic of playful, we loved Foscarini’s Soliel suspension lights. Available in several bright, lively colours, as well as in neutral tones, and also available as wall lamps, the Soleil collection is made of polycarbonate, so the bulb and light it emits aren’t directly visible. Instead, the light exudes a luminous glow, with rays of light beams projected upwards and direct illation downwards. W:


Euroluce 2017

Known for its cosmopolitan style, Kundalini’s Euroluce exhibit showcased this aesthetic splendidly. It also reiterated the brand’s ability to utilise the subtle poetry of shape to maximise its products’ functionality and decorative nature, while telling the story of its journey. The exhibit was full of colour and the geometry synonymous with the brand, all the while showcasing a perfect equilibrium of function and emotion via design.

The Kushi floor lamp was our top pick from this exhibit, for its suitability for Australian homes. Kundalini is known to design products that mimic nature on occasion, and we love the way these floor lamps imitate wild dandelions or sunflowers leaning towards the sun, thereby bringing a little bit of the beauty of nature into the home. Also featuring a dimmer, these exquisite floor lamps are ideal for creating a warm, homely ambience. W:

Paolo Castelli

Euroluce 2017

For Paolo Casteli’s first ever exhibition at Euroluce, the brand showcased lighting products from its gorgeous Inspiration collection, also showcased at Salone del Mobile. Designed for luxurious private spaces, the collection is inspired by design greats and reinterpreted to meet the needs of modern-day living.

As far as chandeliers go, Paolo Casteli’s Kali chandelier is among the most impressive modern interpretations we’ve seen. Created entirely by craftsmen in Italy’s Mirano, these delicate pieces are composed of brass, with the arms holding glass elements that feature 24k gold leaf fragments. The king-sized chandelier picture in the foreground just oozes luxury and is ideal for those who crave a modern-day interpretation of the traditional gold chandelier. There is also a two-ring option available, for spaces that require something a little more subtle.


Euroluce 2017

Known for designing lighting solutions that adapt to different needs in order to create desirable living spaces, Penta exhibited a large, varied collection at Euroluce this year. Each piece was displayed in a way that demonstrated its potential to add warmth and elegance to a space, while also showcasing how the pieces can complement each other.

Our top picks from this collection were the Clip and Enoki lamps. The Clip range, pictured in the foreground, consists of pendants that resemble rings — thin disks matched with a loop — from which the hanging cable and the power source twist and turn. They come in a choice of glossy or brushed finishes and are a unique minimalist option. Pictured in the background, the Enoki lamps make for an unlikely yet elegant pairing with the Clip pendants; the juxtaposition of the Clip’s unique shape and the Enoki’s half-spheres, along with their contrasting finishes, added to character of the exhibit. Both fixtures emit a soft, diffused light, which allow them to live in harmony within the same space without overpowering each other. This look can very easily be attained in your own home, as Penta lighting products are now stocked in Australia at Fanuli. W:

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