Gadget guide for the home office

Gadget guide for the home office


Create the home office of the future with our pick of schmick gadgets.

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The home office is just the place to indulge your love of gadgetry! Technology has never looked so cool and clever. Check out these sleek and savvy designs:

1.   Although the elegant Libratone Lounge ( is optimised for use with your TV, it is also great for the home office as you can stream audio wirelessly from your Mac or PC or iOS device for a room-filling sound experience.

2.   The Xtreme Mac Tango Bar (, and is a sleek, stylish all-in-one USB audio solution that is compatible with both Apple- and Windows-based systems.

3.   The futuristic looking Bulled series from German company, Ledo LED Technologie GmbH (, is a collection for retrofitted LED light bulbs. With a lifetime of 80, 000 hours, they last up to 80 years, if used conventionally.

4.   V-MODA’s ( limited edition Crossfade LP2 Headphones boast stylish, minimalist design and military-standard durability with advanced customisation options available.

5.   Use your lamps as wireless speakers with this unique i-DXS 10 L Luminor iPod/iPhone docking system with LED light bulb speakers from Scott’s (Available from

6.   Bracketron’s iRoom iDock ( is an elegant in-wall iPad docking system that can be installed in the home office for business or private use.

7.   The Plumen 001 ( is the world’s first designer low-energy light bulb. The sculptural form contrasts with the shape of regular low-energy bulbs in an effort to make it a centrepiece, not an afterthought. It uses 80% less energy than normal incandescent light bulbs and lasts up to 8 times longer as well!

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