Right Handles

Choosing the Right Handles for Your Home


Choosing the right handles might seem trivial in the planning stages of a project, but the long and short of it is that the right finishing touches can enhance and elevate any kitchen or bathroom makeover.

Momo Handles offer a number of collections with handles that include longer lengths of up to 1200mm, allowing greater options for tall doors used on pantries, cupboards or storage, and adding just the right touch of style.


Brave is a simple and stylish handle with a subtle curve, perfect for contemporary cabinetry. The 992mm version has an off-centre bow for an elegantly dramatic look. It is available in five sizes and four finishes.


The Angle handle is characterised by its straight lines and its wedge-shaped front, which lends it a timeless look. The handles are available in five sizes, including one of 900mm length, and five finishes.


The Graf range has evolved with a modern, industrial aesthetic. Its texture and mesh-like shape ensure a perfect grip when you pull on it. Available as a D-handle, Cylinder or T-knob in three finishes. The largest size among them being 1200mm in length.


The Vann is a profile handle with straight, modern lines, well suited to the contemporary kitchen. The handles screw onto the back of the door or drawer. This range is available in four sizes, including a 1200mm length, and three finishes.


The Rail is a striking handle that exudes a sense of character and modernity, enhancing any cabinetry it is fitted to. This collection is available in three finishes and four sizes. The 1150mm-long handle also comes in left and right combinations.

With their unique designs and on-trend finishes, these Momo collections come with matching cabinet handles in varied lengths that can be used for a variety of applications, allowing homeowners the opportunity to achieve a cohesive look throughout the home.

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