Coloured Concrete: How to Choose the Perfect Hue


It is a common assumption that concrete is grey, cold and unsuitable for residential design. This could not be further from the truth!

The various colours and textures of concrete allow for the creation of truly unique concrete pieces and spaces. The real challenge lies in choosing the right colour to suit your space. Whether you’re renovating or completing a new build, we have a few tips to help you make the best choice.

At Blend Concrete Design, we have a range of 13 unique and beautiful concrete colours. To create these hues, we add a percentage of coloured oxide to the concrete mix. We can also create custom colours by varying the amount of coloured oxide in the mix. Whether you’re wanting your concrete piece to blend into an existing colour scheme or bring a pop of colour, Blend can create the perfect hue.

It can be challenging to decide the perfect colour for your space, so we’re put together a few factors to consider when making this difficult decision.

Colour Scheme

We recommend being selective with the number of colours you choose to incorporate into a space. Too many colours can make the final space appear busy and overwhelming. No variation in colour, on the other hand, can make the space stark. Considering the number of colours in your colour scheme will help you decide if you’d like your concrete to fit into the existing colour palette or a add new splash of colour to the space.

Colour is a fantastic tool for evoking emotion and creating a feeling within a space. When choosing a concrete colour, it is important to consider the feeling you are trying to create. Are you looking to create a harmonious space featuring neutral, complementary colours? Or would you prefer your concrete to be a bold feature colour that brings high energy and contrast to a space?

Space and Lighting

The space and lighting in an area can be used to inform your concrete colour choice. Lighter coloured concrete can be used to make a space look larger or more open. White and off-white concrete hues are very popular for this reason. We recommend against using dark colours in small low light spaces. When a space is poorly light, incorporating dark concrete can make it feel even darker and smaller.

The hue of your light bulbs may also influence your colour decision. Concrete colours with warm undertones complement warm lighting. Whilst concrete colours with cool undertones are better suited to cool lighting.

The cool coloured lighting featured in this bathroom, works cohesively with the cool undertones in the concrete vanity top.

colour and finish of your fixtures and fittings

Fixtures and Fittings

The material, colour and finish of your fixtures and fittings can impact your overall colour decisions. Whether you’re trying to complement or contrast the colour of your fixtures, it can be useful to consider how your concrete and fixtures will pair together.

It is on trend to pair peachy and blush tones with brass or copper fittings. The warm tones in brass and copper work to complement the pink tones of the concrete. At Blend we love pairing our Galah and Dingo colours with brass and copper fittings.

Featured in the below bathroom, is our Eclipse basin in a custom shade Galah paired with polished copper tapware. Our online store features our four beautiful basin designs, each available in 13 different colours.

pair peachy and blush tones with brass or copper fittings

Monochromatic colour schemes are popular as they have a timeless feel. Many of our clients pair our grey concrete with matte black fixtures for a chic and clean finish. At Blend, we offer a variety of greys which are perfect for monochromatic application:

  • Cool greys
    • Koala Grey
    • Stingray Grey
    • Storm Grey
  • Warn greys
    • Mist Grey
    • Bilby Grey
    • Granite Grey

The below outdoor BBQ area shows our chic koala grey BBQ and integrated bench seat paired with matte black appliances, fixtures, and fittings. This space has a clean and polished look perfect for entertaining.

outdoor BBQ area

Take Inspiration from your surroundings

If your still stuck on what concrete colour to choose, you might want to take inspiration from the environment around you. Off-white or blue tones are popular for coastal spaces wanting to embrace a beachside aesthetic. Whilst green tones work for outdoor spaces rich with plants and greenery.

This stunning outdoor concrete dining table, bench and stool set in our colour Rainforest Green, captures how beautifully our concrete complements the natural greenery. The tones in the concrete pair beautifully with the with the rich colours in the plants, whilst contrasting the neutral crazy paving.

Image Credit: Design by @bybriggs. Build @naildit_constructions. Image @kristian_van_der_beek.
Image Credit: Design by @bybriggs. Build @naildit_constructions. Image @kristian_van_der_beek.

Head to our website to find our Verona Concrete Dining Table in our 13 concrete colours.

Let us know if you are interested in colour matching and we can discuss sampling options.

It is important to note that concrete colours will vary when viewing them on different device screens due to display and colour settings. It is best to rely on samples. This will help you understand not only how the colour looks in real-life, but also how it will look in your space. To see our full range of concrete colours and order colour samples visit:

If you’ve considered all of Blend Concrete Design’s tips and are still struggling to choose a colour for your concrete piece, reach out to their friendly design team. Their in-house concrete specialists will be sure to help you choose the perfect colour 

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