Using a gas fire as decorative feature

When looking at gas fires for decorative purposes, there are a number of options available to the consumer, says Jeff Collins, marketing manager of Real Flame


Existing homes

“If the home has an existing, working fireplace, installing a decorative burner is simple. A burner can be installed in the fireplace with a chimney plate and cowl fixed to the top of the chimney. If the fire does not draw properly, then a decorative fire can still be installed but a flue system is required to ensure proper and safe operation. If there is not a fireplace in the home, then a simple timber frame can be constructed to suit any of a number of different decorative fires.
“The fire can be chosen to suit the era or decor of the room in which it is to be installed, including styles such as Victorian, Edwardian, art deco, contemporary or modern.”


New homes

“In the case of a new home, decorative fires can be installed within a simple frame at the time of construction. There are many options available, as in the case of existing homes. The costs are generally less for new homes, as the required trades are already involved in the general construction.

“The many styles available allow the owner to consider things such as two-sided fires, to break up large open-plan living areas or to enjoy between a living and alfresco area. There are also fires that create a stunning appearance by using natural stone bases with glass backs. Careful planning will result in a stunning centrepiece for the home.”



“For consumers who are looking for a fantastic-looking fire but also need some serious heat, the range of direct-vent glass-fronted heaters also allows for some imaginative design. These fires still have great flame patterns, but will heat large open areas of up to 150m2 efficiently.
“Most boast star ratings in excess of four stars. When looking for heating products, the star ratings are an important factor in selecting your fire.”

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Originally in Winter Warmth, Volume 6

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