Downtown Tiles: get the polished look


Created to emulate the look of polished concrete, the Italian-manufactured Downtown series of tiles look great, whether used for your floors or incorporated into your walls

Downtown tiles are available with a matt or lappato finish and come in a range of sizes from 30×30 up to 80×80. Each tile is produced with a unique aggregate and texture, so no two tiles are alike – giving any room you use them in a rustic and artisan feel. These tiles also feature rectified edges, providing minimal grout lines and a seamless look which adds to the polished concrete aesthetic.

One of the benefits of using a tile that emulates polished concrete is that glazed porcelain tiles do not require maintenance and sealing once they are laid, including the Downtown range. This means they are far easier to maintain than genuine polished concrete.

Downtown tiles are available in a range of tones including graphite, ash, earth, ecru and ivory. Exposed aggregates and a range of neutral tones replicate the look of concrete that has been walked on thousands of times.

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