First Impressions Count


We all know how important first impressions are. A nearly indelible impression is formed when meeting someone for the first time, and your home is no different.

In the past, people would drive past potential homes and if the exterior was lackluster, they’d normally keep driving. If you were lucky, they’d stop and take a peek inside. Nowadays, nine out of 10 people start their search for a property on the internet, meaning the first impression will dictate who will come and inspect the house.

With your roof making up 30 per cent of your home’s façade, it is arguably the most important element of your home when it comes to first impressions. Stewart Bunn of First National Real Estate says a well-maintained roof adds to the perception that the home is in good condition, and conversely, prospective buyers are often turned off by an old or damaged roof because it could represent large, unknown expenses. This means that investing in a good roof can save you the heartache in the long run.

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